About Us

FullSizeRender 16I never envisioned myself being in this position, single and dating at the age of 63! How I got here….now that is a long and drawn out story.

We all have those stories, but this blog is about the present. Hi, my name is Carrie, and yes, I am divorced and have been on two on line dating sites for the past year and a half. My dating experience has been an emotional rollercoaster ride, sometimes great – often less so.

I have several friends in the same situation, we talk daily about our experiences and thoughts about being on the dating scene in the third trimester of our lives. We decided to expand this discussion to a blog, with both male and female contributors. Our purpose is to promote an open forum and have fun with this.

Hello there!  I am Mr. Big and I add a realistic and analytical flavor to the discussion.  I recognize that there are no hard and fast answers to dating and relationship issues.  There are also exceptions to every rule, so have an open mind and have fun living.

Thank you for joining us!