Mixed signals



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Relationships should be easy at this stage of life, or at least that is what we should hope for. How should we handle a relationship that is not easy and downright confusing? At what point do we decide this is way too much effort and just move on?

Normally, being very analytical, I would start my list of positives and negatives. I have found after multiple dates, lists are not productive. All of a sudden feelings are involved. Obviously, I would not have gone ¬†out with someone numerous times if I wasn’t attracted to him and thought he was a nice person. The problem is that I have realized that this relationship is not working for me and he is too nice to hurt his feelings.

So now what? I tend to be very non-confrontational, I do not wish to have the “talk”. Things are not so bad, after all we always get along, have fun and we do have mutual friends. Maybe he has similar thoughts. Maybe we are both secretly waiting for the other to end this facade. This is when the games begin. Both of us start the emotional withholding, we change plans we find less time for one another. The relationship that demonstrated so much potential has now deteriorated. Now what?

Time to rip off that bandage instead of pulling it off slowly. Communication is always the answer….wouldn’t it be easier just to a text message breakup?



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