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As we age it is common to have difficulty sleeping. While we can agree that when we refer to “sleeping” together we are often talking about sex, there are also times when we actually need to get some shut eye. What if you and your partner do not agree on the best way to ensure that both partners receive the required hours of rest?

Some couples sleep together intertwined like two snakes, with their arms and legs hooked together in an embrace. But what if one person needs to sleep this way and the other is kept awake unable to sleep at all? In addition to this issue there is also snoring that can be problematic for you or your partner.

Many long time married couples face these issues and resolve them over time by sleeping on the extreme edge of the bed, or in separate beds, or in separate rooms. However, when a new relationship faces this issue it may not be so easy to resolve because as people age they are more set in their ways having developed many decades of sleeping a certain way and they may  be  more sensitive to sleep disturbances.

If discussion of this topic with your partner does not yield a viable solution, this may become a relationship ending deal breaker because sleep deprivation can be impossible to live with long term. People for whom sleep comes easy need to be understanding of those of us that suffer with sleep difficulties, or it may endanger an otherwise solid relationship.

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