Financial disparity

FullSizeRender 28This can definitely be the subject that no one wants to talk about, but probably is the most important topic to discuss. When we first meet a potential date, we may be attracted to his/her appearance, personality, smile, eyes and the list just goes on. Many of us will deny the fact that we are honestly curious about their financial means.

At this stage in our life, money is important. I am at a point  where I have sold my business after working many years and now able to live comfortably on my “nest egg”.  I must confess to enjoying the finer things in life, but always try to live in my means.  My potential partner ideally would be in the same position.

Does this sound calculating?  A friend of mine recently told me “Money should not be an issue, when you love someone you share”. This may have true when you are in your twenties, not so much in your sixties. Now we should be making sure our wills and trusts are in place for our heirs. We should be enjoying the fruits of our labors and at the same time being cautious with spending.

It is well known that money is one the leading factors in a divorce. When dating, you need not go there. I will not pursue a relationship with a large financial disparity. I have known too many couples with this problem, it may have started off as a non- issue,  but ended as a deal breaker.



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  1. Carrie February 10, 2016 at 1:56 pm #

    Hi Carol and Kate, welcome to our website! Both posts are excellent, there are definitely ways to work through financial issues. Communication is key. Personally, I try to avoid the financial hurdle at the beginning, relationships are difficult enough.

  2. Carrie February 11, 2016 at 4:42 am #

    Hi Tee,

    I am sorry if I was not clear with my approach. I find financials just as is important as some would body type, religion or politics. I have a friend who will not go out with someone that is not height/weight proportionate. It is all personal preference. I applaud Kate and Carol for their viewpoints, and yours as well!


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