Now that’s funny!

FullSizeRender 32One of the most important factors in choosing a mate is humor. Is he serious all the time, or does he couple hard work and success with fun and laughter? We all need balance in our lives that includes healthy eating and exercise, but an often overlooked component is silliness and giggles.

Nothing breaks the ice faster in a new relationship than humor and humor can strengthen the bonds to help maintain a relationship long term. Sharing funny stories, telling jokes, and making each other laugh will deliver many benefits to your health, relationship, and enjoyment of life.
Through laughter you can reduce awkwardness, reduce tension, and create happy memories that draw a couple closer together. Remember the time that you did this or said that or this or that happened? These moments can become inside jokes, almost like secret language between you and your mate that enhance your feelings toward one another. Laughter generally makes you feel better and making you and your partner feel better is what it is all about.

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