Religious differences

Let me just start this off by saying that I respect everyone’s beliefs. I have friends of all faiths as well as friends without faith. Many of my friends consider themselves “spiritual but not religious”.  I am accepting of all of this, but I cannot tolerate it when someone forces theirFullSizeRender 33 beliefs on to me.

I was in a relationship last year with a wonderful man,  I will call him Greg. Greg was very attentive, romantic and just basically a good person. Greg was also very religious, he lived his religion. He worked all week and would spend Saturday evenings packing lunches to hand out to the homeless on Sundays. He was generous and kind to everyone.

In the beginning, Greg did not seem to mind that I am Catholic. After a couple months he began to make little comments about me being “self centered”  and I should spend more time serving God and others. I completely agreed that I could be a “better person”, but I resented this being thrown in my face. We had many discussions where he would suggest to me how I could be saved.

It was when Greg finally told me that I would never make it into heaven unless he converted me to his religion that I knew that this relationship could not be saved.

So in this case, religion was a definite deal breaker.  Not religion itself, the intolerance of other people’s beliefs towards religion. This is a very personal topic in any relationship, with the proper communication it need not be a deal breaker.



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