First encounter

FullSizeRender 15When you find a new person to date you may have exchanged e-mails and chatted on the phone prior to your first face to face meeting. Selecting the venue for your first date is very important. While there is no magic formula, there are some choices that are better than others.

A quiet public place where it is safe and conversation can flow freely is best. Both you and your date want to learn more about each other and a noisy place will interfere with that. Adult beverages are okay as long as you do not over do it. It may help reduce tension or nervousness.

First impressions are very important so you should pay attention to details. Showing up on time with a neat appearance will help make a positive impact. Smile, have fun, listen to your date, and pay attention to how much you are talking about yourself. One of the biggest complaints people have about a first encounter is that “my date only talked about the him/her self”. Ask questions and ensure that the conversation is balanced.

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