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IMG_2334I recently received an e-mail from a 70 year old woman on a dating web site. She told me that she liked my profile and invited me to read her profile. I did read it, but was not particularly interested in the things that were of interest to her and did not feel that we were a good match. I wrote back to her and told her that I did not feel we had very much in common, I thanked her for writing and wished her luck in her search. She wrote back to me and said that while we were not a good match perhaps I would enjoy meeting her anyway. She said that we could have some nice conversations while we both continued our search for a good match. She invited me to meet her at a very expensive restaurant for dinner. I replied and told her that I do enjoy good conversation and would meet her if we could go Dutch Treat. She then told me that a gentleman should always pay for a date. We did not go out and we have not corresponded since.

I think that if the man invites a woman out he should expect to pay for the date. If a woman invites a man out on a date then either she should pay or they should each pay their own way. To invite a man out and expect the man to pay is not old fashioned it is taking advantage. If a man has unlimited funds this may not be an issue. I do not believe there should be hard and fast rules on this topic. What is important is for both the man and the woman to feel comfortable with whatever is arranged. If one or both parties are unhappy then the relationship will probably not grow.

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