FullSizeRender 3All of us have experienced a relationship that has taken a wrong turn. We may have been friends, lovers or business associates that developed fundamental differences and we decided to part ways. This is a normal part of life. And I am sure many of us have also experienced the same parting of ways with people that will not let go. These are the people that continue to email, text or call stating their point of view endlessly.

Relationships of any kind evolve, they do not stay static. I would not consider myself “friends” with my ex-husband, but we do not harass each other either. I am still friendly with ex relationships even when we are not close friends anymore. I feel this is mutually beneficial; after all we initially had a connection. Even if we have substantial differences, I choose to be an adult.

Unfortunately, most have us have encountered the ex that will not let go, they may be re-living the past or trying to convince you of the errors of your ways. I have found the quickest remedy to this situation is to block them from my phone and email accounts. I initially was reluctant to do this, I felt it was a little heartless and cold. However, when the contacts and demands began interfering with my everyday life activities, I felt I had no other options. Blocking is not an activity that I take lightly, I consider it only as a last resort.  I would personally hate to be blocked, I would never want to be an annoyance to anyone.

Blocking does not always cure the problem. There may be a small percentage of people that refuse to go away. When feeling harassed or threatened, do not be afraid of reporting this fear to the authorities. Place a restraining order,  life is too short to feel harassed. In our free society, stalking by any ex should not be tolerated!

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