Honesty is the best policy

IMG_2350When writing a profile, sending an e-mail, or going out on a date it is best to tell the truth. This presupposes that you are truly interested in a relationship with another person. If you are motivated by deceit then dishonesty is the tool that you use to try to get your way. If a relationship is what you desire, then dishonesty will doom you to an eventual breakup.

It is common for people to see them self as they would like to be rather than as they really are. Whether it is twenty pounds lighter or six inches taller, or ten years younger, when you misrepresent yourself in your profile it is inevitable that your date will notice when you finally meet. When you meet another person and they have misrepresented them self on their profile do you view this as a positive? The same rules apply when you write your profile or post your photos. If you are honest you do not have to worry about being found out as a bender of the truth.

Even when meeting in person, some people have a tendency to exaggerate the importance of their job or the amount of money that they have. This too will eventually be revealed and your date will think less of you when they discover the truth. When discussing specifics about yourself be honest. You don’t have to paint a negative picture of yourself by focusing on your weaknesses. However, when asked about specifics state the facts because you want to find a match that is accepting of you the way you are not as you once were or as you hope to be one day.

Honesty is another aspect to being polite and respectful. Lying is bad manners and not a desirable trait in a mate.

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