Money issues

FullSizeRender 28Money is not the most important factor that can have an impact on a new relationship, however, it is high on the list in terms of things to consider when selecting a match. When you reach your sixties and beyond, you do not have the luxury of time to repair financial problems. There is also the possibility that if your new lover has financial problems they may be motivated by your financial success to get involved with you.

Financial stability is probably more important than wealth when seeking a match. If your partner has a low credit score it tells you a bit about their spending habits and may be a red flag warning you to stay clear. He might have a great home or car and actually be vulnerable to foreclosure and/repossession.

Money problems are often the biggest reason for divorce and should be considered when dating as well. Selecting a good match should not be a get rich quick scheme. On the other hand no one needs to fall in love with an anchor as we head into retirement. Maybe this is not something to consider on a first date, but something worthy of consideration if you are heading toward a long term relationship.

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