Silver splitters

IMG_2345 I was amazed when I first entered the dating scene a couple of years ago just how many singles and functions for singles that were available for the over sixty crowd. Why would this be? Statistics indicate the divorce rate is climbing substantially for this age group. One would think that by the time you have been married 30 plus years, you would not decide to divorce in your sixties. Of course the reasons for splitting vary greatly.

For men the catalyst is often a midlife crisis, the need for the sports car or the trophy girlfriend. He may have become complacent, taken his wife for granted or has lost focus on relationship building. He may have met someone who laughs at all of his jokes and finds him attractive.

Women also have similar reasons. Most women do not feel that their husbands are listening to them, there is a history of lack of intimacy or a general feeling of being taken for granted. After sacrificing their best years to care for a family and promote their husband’s career, she may feel that it is “her time”.

Maybe they have stayed together for the sake of the family or financial reasons. The realization that time is running out can also be a big motivating factor. They might see friends becoming ill or passing away. They may decide to start their bucket list. Divorce has also become the new normal,  in past generations  divorce was a mark of failure. Divorce should be preferred to a lack luster, loveless marriage.

It is perfectly normal to feel alone or depressed after a divorce especially at this age. If you are one of the many in this situation, realize that you are not alone! Do some research, there are many local meet up groups, on line dating sites and singles in your area. Stay involved and work on your bucket list…this is the rest of your life!

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