Does it matter how you became single?

IMG_2344There are several ways in which you may find yourself single at the age of sixty or greater. The most common way is through divorce. Rarely, you may have been single your entire life. There is also the possibility that you are a widow or widower.

When losing a spouse due to their passing, there is the possibility that you had a storybook relationship and have lost the love of you life. There is also the possibility that things in your marriage were not perfect and while you are not happy about their death, it may not be so difficult to get on with your life. Divorce can leave one or both parties bitter or the parting can be amicable.

Regardless of the circumstances that resulted in you being single, finding a new relationship that helps you to become a better person and feel happy and satisfied is enough reason to enter the dating arena. The amount of time needed to heal from your last relationship is personal and is dependent on many factors.

After the death of a spouse or after a bitter divorce it may take years to recover. If you attempt to rush into a new relationship before you have had sufficient time to heal, you are likely to run into trouble.

You yourself may have had plenty of time to recover from your personal loss, but it is wise to evaluate if your partner has had time to recover from their’s. If you find yourself dealing with this issue work on friendship first before rushing to romance. If both are ready for a relationship then go for it.

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