“The first”

IMG_2337On line dating can actually be exhausting, especially if one is on multiple sites. Personally, I choose to be on just one site at a time. I try to answer every email just not to be rude. I generally will exchange several emails, maybe a phone call before the initial meeting.

Since I have been actively dating for a couple of years, one would think the first date would be easy by now. Even though I consider myself a confident person,  I still tend to be anxious upon the first meeting. I no longer worry about what to wear, how to look or what to say. I shake hands, smile and then it begins. I wish I had a tape of the story of my life. You know, we all experience this line of questioning on the first date. Where did you go to college, what was your career, how many times have you been married, how many children do you have,  number of grandkids, how long have you been dating? I sometimes feel like I am on a job interview! Wouldn’t it be easier and save a lot of time to have a prepared essay available and hand it to your date after the initial handshake? Even though the past is important,  I feel the questions should be focused on  present and future perspectives.

If you are not actively dating, you might not understand how draining this all can be. Since I tend to be very selective with whom I decide to go on a second date with, I have a lot of first dates. I am inclined to “lay it all out there”.  I am honest, communicative with my “must haves” and sincere to a fault.  I want to present  my “real self” on the first date and I would hope my date will as well.

My words of wisdom for all of the single sixty somethings would be, do not be afraid to be authentic. Do not agonize about impressing someone with your clothes or style. Be yourself, if he is a worthy potential soulmate, he will respect your candor and integrity.

I remain forever optimistic,


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  1. Ann March 1, 2016 at 3:34 pm #

    You should consider yourself lucky. I have met several men for first dates that have shown up with un-ironed shirts or holes in their pants. There was even one wearing a big gold necklace!

    • Carrie March 1, 2016 at 3:40 pm #

      Do not be so narrow-minded to eliminate this person as a prospect, he may actually possess other qualities that make up for these shortcomings. If you cannot discover these qualities by the second date, pass him by. Plenty of Fish!!!

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