First kiss

IMG_2357As the song goes, “A kiss is just a kiss…”. How long do you wait for the first one? A lot depends on chemistry and if both people share an attraction. Post divorce or if it has been a long time since you had a kiss with a new person, even the thought of it can make you nervous. If you have had a good first date and you make plans to have a second date, then it is entirely appropriate to kiss good-bye. If you are attracted to your date and you do not show it, the result may be that your date does not feel that you find them attractive. Also the longer you delay an unmistakable demonstration of affection, the greater the tension and the more difficulty you will have interacting on the next meeting.

There are no rules in this area other than interest, timing, and paying attention to subtle cues. Of course this all depends on your level of interest. If you are not attracted to your date there is no need to send out mixed signals. Some people find that the act of kissing is important feedback to determine if there really is chemistry. Some people love to kiss, but are shy about public displays of affection. Analyzing various factors can add to the tension and may make the first kiss awkward. If you are totally perplexed and yet very interested you can always ask for one. You can also just go for it although some women are very quick to block your advance with their cheek.

My best advice is to first determine if you want to kiss. If the answer is yes, and a perfect opportunity presents itself then proceed. At the end of the date the kiss good-bye is usually appropriate. If you put it off too long you may get stuck in the friend zone.


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  1. Kate March 10, 2016 at 10:38 pm #

    Mr Big, you are very analytical. Why not just let it happen?

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