YesFullSizeRender 9terday we had a belated Mother’s Day brunch for my 83 year old mother. It was delayed because she happened to be on an Alaskan cruise with her 92 year old husband on the actual holiday. It was a great time, good food, family and friends.

I think we all have taken our parents and relatives for granted, at least I am guilty of this. I found myself yesterday looking at my mother in a different light, letting go of any criticism or judgements that I might have had in the past. I think that I saw her as the person she is instead of just my annoying mother.

My mother has had a difficult life, she is one of the strongest and independent women I know. She has raised four children (and Lord knows we did not make this easy for her), been widowed twice, and went back to college in her thirties to finish her degree. We have not always liked each other, but I am sure we have always loved each other. I always knew that if I ever really needed her that I could count on her. Sometimes, I would move mountains just so I didn’t have to ask for help. It would be an understatement to say we have a complicated relationship.

My mother met her current husband of three years on an on line dating site just a few months after losing her second husband. I am so happy for her, they travel together, seem very content and laugh a lot. I know one of the reasons she is so healthy is because she is optimistic and satisfied with her life.

One of my friends at the brunch told me how lucky I was to have my mother and he would give anything to be with his mother one last time. I felt guilty, I should never take my family for granted, I am truly blessed. And Mom, maybe the reason we have battled over the years is because we are so similar. Yes, you are feisty, independent, outspoken, bright, funny and forever young at heart…and ¬†yes I want to be all of those things when I finally grow up!

I remain forever optimistic,


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