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Do you  have any friends that seem to always like the bad guys/gals? I think this is common in some people throughout their lives. I have one long time friend Lucy that has been plagued with this problem. Lucy is one of the nicest, most kind hearted people that I know. She is bright, funny […]

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The elusive

Chloe met Kevin on a few months ago. She had seen his profile before, but thought he was a little out of her league. After all, he was a couple of years younger, an established oral surgeon in town and very attractive. Chloe never approached Kevin, so she was absolutely delighted when he emailed […]

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Single again

Last night we saw the movie “How to be Single”. I found it to be very entertaining  and it made me ponder  what being single really means. The dictionary describes single as: only one, not of several unmarried or not involved in a stable sexual relationship an individual person or thing rather than a part […]

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The balance

I retired a year and a half ago. It is funny, I have worked all of my life in anticipation of the  “golden years”.  I actually doubted that retirement would ever be a reality. Sure, I did save…not as much as I could have though. It is fine line, a balancing act between saving for […]

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“Must haves”

When I first decided to venture out into the world of dating I had no idea what I wanted in a relationship. I gave more thought to what I was going to wear on the date or where we were dining.  Now that I am in this second year of dating,  I am definitely more […]

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Religious differences

Let me just start this off by saying that I respect everyone’s beliefs. I have friends of all faiths as well as friends without faith. Many of my friends consider themselves “spiritual but not religious”.  I am accepting of all of this, but I cannot tolerate it when someone forces their beliefs on to me. […]

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The “overlap”

All of us that have been on dating websites know the overlap. You have just posted your profile…your best photos (the one’s that make you look really thin) ,  and then you wait for the anticipated results. The dreaded winks start coming in right away, a couple of flirts and then finally the emails. By […]

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“Serial daters”

There are many on line dating sites to choose from, this is an indicator of how accepted shopping on line for a partner has become. I know friends that are almost addicted to the continual hunt even when they are in a relationship. As an on line dater myself,  I have realized the same people […]

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Blending families

This is probably the most tricky of all! Most of us adore our families, in fact I am always suspect of anyone who does not. Unfortunately, we may view our own families with rose colored glasses ….and sometimes  even blinders! I have been blessed with three incredible brothers, a wonderful mother and stepfather, an amazing […]

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Financial disparity

This can definitely be the subject that no one wants to talk about, but probably is the most important topic to discuss. When we first meet a potential date, we may be attracted to his/her appearance, personality, smile, eyes and the list just goes on. Many of us will deny the fact that we are […]

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