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How to handle the rejection

  So,  you have been on the dating website for a month now with hardly any prospects and then you meet the love of your life! You feel amazing, you share goals, religion, political leanings and all is perfect….so you think.  A dear friend of mine just related this scenario over lunch today. Joe is […]

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To pet or not to pet

    Okay, let’s start off with I am a dog lover. My two little doggies have replaced my children at this stage in my life. When you enter my house, naturally my puppies rule. I would not say that they are particularly well behaved….but they aren’t obnoxious either. (At least not to me.)  They […]

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Mixed signals

      Relationships should be easy at this stage of life, or at least that is what we should hope for. How should we handle a relationship that is not easy and downright confusing? At what point do we decide this is way too much effort and just move on? Normally, being very analytical, […]

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The elephant in the room

Communication is probably the most important aspect of any relationship. I feel that I am a good communicator, until I am not. Have you ever been in a relationship that seemed to have great potential that suddenly just fell flat? Unfortunately, I have been in a few of them. Actually mine do do not just […]

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Online dating websites

    When I became single again, I felt almost pressured to join a dating website. My single friends were online, posting their photos, meeting complete strangers for dates. My own mother met her present husband on a senior website when she was 78 and and he was 88! Five years later they are still […]

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What A Difference Three Decades Make!

    I was last single in my thirties. My dating memories are probably selectively pleasant, carefree and fun. One would think that by time I reached my sixties, dating and finding a partner would be a piece of cake. By this age, our careers should be winding down, children raised and hopefully we are […]

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