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Why women should approach men

Most men have endured a lifetime of rejection and by the time they reach sixty they may be so wounded that they are less likely to approach a woman even if they are attracted to you. When a woman goes out in public it is an opportunity to meet the man of your dreams. Regardless […]

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How do you know when you have met the right one? Some say that it just feels right, but it is possible to meet a person that has many great qualities who you are attracted to, but is not right for you long term. There are many considerations before you can answer this question. If […]

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Height reversed relationships

In the majority of male/female relationships, it is the guy who is taller than the gal. It is statistically true that men are taller than women, but should this limit men from dating a woman taller than them self? Women often say that the reason they prefer taller men is that they like to wear […]

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The end

Something attracted you to the person you are about to break up with and it is good to keep that in mind when considering a move to end your relationship. Explaining your reasons for ending the relationship should be balanced with a few positives to be respectful of the other person’s feelings. You do not […]

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Dating your friend’s ex

You are now entering the danger zone. When your best friend breaks up with their significant other, there may be a tendency to consider dating them. After all you have gotten to know them as a friend already and they have gotten to know you in a safe, non-threatening environment. Beware! There are many dangers […]

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Airing your “baggage”

Everyone has a history of past relationships and issues they have confronted in their lives. How and when you choose to share this information with your partner should be considered. Timing, volume, and frequency with which you share this information is important. We are all curious to learn about this new person in our life […]

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First encounter

When you find a new person to date you may have exchanged e-mails and chatted on the phone prior to your first face to face meeting. Selecting the venue for your first date is very important. While there is no magic formula, there are some choices that are better than others. A quiet public place […]

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Age disparity

An age difference between a man and a woman is certainly a issue that has many ramifications that can present new issues as we age. Conventional wisdom has couples very close in age and often the man is just a few years older. There are many exceptions to this rule with large age gaps and […]

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Now that’s funny!

One of the most important factors in choosing a mate is humor. Is he serious all the time, or does he couple hard work and success with fun and laughter? We all need balance in our lives that includes healthy eating and exercise, but an often overlooked component is silliness and giggles. Nothing breaks the […]

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Does she ration her passion?

In a committed relationship it is normal to become intimate. What do you do if the frequency of intimate encounters is too much or too little? The ideal situation is for both parties to be simpatico and for the most part it works itself out. The real trouble begins when there are great disparities in […]

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