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The Search

I am a 62 year old male, was married for 15 years and am now divorced. Meeting people is a bit more difficult at this age as compared with my youthful past. On line dating sites offer an opportunity to meet people although there are pros and cons to this approach. There are several alternatives […]

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Can Democrats and Republicans get along?

Dating partners of opposite political parties can work if each person is either disinterested in politics or has moderate views. On the other hand, if both are political junkies and are extreme Liberals and Conservatives the relationship probably will not survive. As an on line dater I have found that it is better to explore […]

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As we age it is common to have difficulty sleeping. While we can agree that when we refer to “sleeping” together we are often talking about sex, there are also times when we actually need to get some shut eye. What if you and your partner do not agree on the best way to ensure […]

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Filling in the blanks

In any relationship, especially in a new relationship, there is a tendency to develop questions. What did he/she mean by that? Did they mean to imply this or that? Why are they taking so long to get back in touch with me? Are they losing interest? Are they mad it me? Did I say something […]

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Posting your photo

Do not post just any photo. Use care to select photo(s) that are both flattering and representative. For example, do not hide behind sunglasses. Do not go to extremes showing shirtless or extreme cleavage. Make sure to use recent photos (none older than one year). Remember that the goal is to actually meet your mate […]

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To nup or not

To Nup or Not When you finally find Mr. or Ms. Right and believe that this is the “one” to last forever, marriage may be considered.  What if you are wrong and find that it will not stand the test of time?  A prenuptial Agreement is a legal document to address the financial consequences of […]

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