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Keeping the romance alive

When meeting someone you care about, it’s easy for things to be exciting in the beginning and fade as time goes on. You need to make a conscious effort to do the things that made the relationship exciting in the beginning. Soft music, candles, picnic lunches, taking time to talk and really listen to each […]

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Setting boundaries

Many people are afraid to actually have limits or boundaries as to what you will or will not put up with. If you do not have any, to me it means that you will pretty much put up with anything. For me, I’ve decided to write down the ones that are non-negotiable: 1)   I […]

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Is it possible to remain friends?

I would hope so, but in reality, I’m not sure if it’s possible. After a relationship ends, when is the right time to try to be friends? Is there a waiting period to try to sort out your feelings? What if one person finds someone and the other is still struggling? I would hope that […]

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Traveling together

You’ve always loved to travel and so does he, so why not take a trip together. After several discussions, you discover that you both have an interest in going to Australia. To test how it is to be with this person 24/7, you try a mini vacation. Everything goes great and it feels easy. You’ll […]

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It’s the small things that matter

Now that I’m dating again, I’m realizing that it’s not so much where we go or what he buys me, but how he makes me feel. It’s that email that I get every morning and the one I get again every evening when I’m not with him. It’s when he ends the email with “I […]

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Taking a chance

So, you start dating and wonder when you know if this is the person you want to be with. You may start with a list, but frankly, finding someone who matches up with everything on your list would be difficult.  At what point do you actually decide what you want to do? We may all […]

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Relationships after 60

Relationships after 60 After 37 years in a marriage, I find myself alone, not having that someone special by my side, sharing my feelings and dreams and counting on them no matter what. My husband of 37 years passed away unexpectedly. I have 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren who have their own lives.  Now, […]

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