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When to get off the internet

Dating on line has become an acceptable method to meet people. I find it interesting to read profiles and learn about available singles. The question is that when you meet someone and are dating with them regularly, is it cheating to read mail from other people? I once met a woman on line and was […]

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Do you  have any friends that seem to always like the bad guys/gals? I think this is common in some people throughout their lives. I have one long time friend Lucy that has been plagued with this problem. Lucy is one of the nicest, most kind hearted people that I know. She is bright, funny […]

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Who pays

I recently received an e-mail from a 70 year old woman on a dating web site. She told me that she liked my profile and invited me to read her profile. I did read it, but was not particularly interested in the things that were of interest to her and did not feel that we […]

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The elusive

Chloe met Kevin on a few months ago. She had seen his profile before, but thought he was a little out of her league. After all, he was a couple of years younger, an established oral surgeon in town and very attractive. Chloe never approached Kevin, so she was absolutely delighted when he emailed […]

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How to handle the rejection

  So,  you have been on the dating website for a month now with hardly any prospects and then you meet the love of your life! You feel amazing, you share goals, religion, political leanings and all is perfect….so you think.  A dear friend of mine just related this scenario over lunch today. Joe is […]

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