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Yesterday we had a belated Mother’s Day brunch for my 83 year old mother. It was delayed because she happened to be on an Alaskan cruise with her 92 year old husband on the actual holiday. It was a great time, good food, family and friends. I think we all have taken our parents and […]

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The balance

Recently a friend asked me if I ever was impulsive, I thought it was a strange question so my immediate response was yes. But of course, the question started to bother me, why would any one ask me this? Do I not come across as someone that is impulsive? The definition of impulsive: doing things […]

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As good as it gets

Don’t we all want it all? It is the absolute American dream. Advertising sets us up,  the magazine ads, commercials, music videos portraying romantic, sexy and ideal relationships. Dating websites advertising these beautiful couples “finding” each other and “completing” each other’s life.  We are bombarded by young, sexy couples on every commercial for resorts, the […]

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Love is a four letter word

Do you remember when dating and relationships were simple…whatever happened to those days? I was just discussing this with another over sixty single and we both have decided that relationships have actually become much more mysterious as we have aged.  Somehow I expected by the time I reached sixty three that I would be a […]

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What do the kids think?

When seniors venture into the dating arena, many have grown children that have their own opinions about what their parent is up to. There are many different viewpoints on this topic, some positive and some negative. I have met women that claim that their daughter is the one who wrote their on line profile as […]

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When is it safe?

Visiting a man at his home or inviting him to your home does not automatically mean that sex will be involved. How do you know if it is safe to venture into this realm? It depends on what your intentions are. If you have established a rapport with your date and you know definitively that […]

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“The first”

On line dating can actually be exhausting, especially if one is on multiple sites. Personally, I choose to be on just one site at a time. I try to answer every email just not to be rude. I generally will exchange several emails, maybe a phone call before the initial meeting. Since I have been […]

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OMG, my soulmate

Okay, now you have been seeing the same person for a few months. He might be the funniest, brightest and easiest person to be with. You might possibly think this is what you have been searching for. You may find yourself with the same political beliefs, religious beliefs, and financial outlook. This is exactly what […]

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Keeping the romance alive

When meeting someone you care about, it’s easy for things to be exciting in the beginning and fade as time goes on. You need to make a conscious effort to do the things that made the relationship exciting in the beginning. Soft music, candles, picnic lunches, taking time to talk and really listen to each […]

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All of us have experienced a relationship that has taken a wrong turn. We may have been friends, lovers or business associates that developed fundamental differences and we decided to part ways. This is a normal part of life. And I am sure many of us have also experienced the same parting of ways with […]

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