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And the check arrives….

This is an awkward topic in most dating relationships. I am not even sure how to approach this in a blog. I have been in relationships that have gone to financial extremes, it is difficult to find a comfortable compromise. In my second twenty year marriage we kept our finances completely separate, which on the […]

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Spotting scammers

An unfortunate aspect to dating is that not everyone is looking for love. Some are only looking for sex and many are looking for money. The on-line dating world is littered with scammers. They come in many varieties including both men and women and men pretending to be women. You go on line and look […]

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Who pays

I recently received an e-mail from a 70 year old woman on a dating web site. She told me that she liked my profile and invited me to read her profile. I did read it, but was not particularly interested in the things that were of interest to her and did not feel that we […]

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Financial disparity

This can definitely be the subject that no one wants to talk about, but probably is the most important topic to discuss. When we first meet a potential date, we may be attracted to his/her appearance, personality, smile, eyes and the list just goes on. Many of us will deny the fact that we are […]

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To nup or not

To Nup or Not When you finally find Mr. or Ms. Right and believe that this is the “one” to last forever, marriage may be considered.  What if you are wrong and find that it will not stand the test of time?  A prenuptial Agreement is a legal document to address the financial consequences of […]

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