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Blending families

This is probably the most tricky of all! Most of us adore our families, in fact I am always suspect of anyone who does not. Unfortunately, we may view our own families with rose colored glasses ….and sometimes  even blinders! I have been blessed with three incredible brothers, a wonderful mother and stepfather, an amazing […]

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How to handle the rejection

  So,  you have been on the dating website for a month now with hardly any prospects and then you meet the love of your life! You feel amazing, you share goals, religion, political leanings and all is perfect….so you think.  A dear friend of mine just related this scenario over lunch today. Joe is […]

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To pet or not to pet

    Okay, let’s start off with I am a dog lover. My two little doggies have replaced my children at this stage in my life. When you enter my house, naturally my puppies rule. I would not say that they are particularly well behaved….but they aren’t obnoxious either. (At least not to me.)  They […]

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Mixed signals

      Relationships should be easy at this stage of life, or at least that is what we should hope for. How should we handle a relationship that is not easy and downright confusing? At what point do we decide this is way too much effort and just move on? Normally, being very analytical, […]

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The elephant in the room

Communication is probably the most important aspect of any relationship. I feel that I am a good communicator, until I am not. Have you ever been in a relationship that seemed to have great potential that suddenly just fell flat? Unfortunately, I have been in a few of them. Actually mine do do not just […]

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Relationships after 60

Relationships after 60 After 37 years in a marriage, I find myself alone, not having that someone special by my side, sharing my feelings and dreams and counting on them no matter what. My husband of 37 years passed away unexpectedly. I have 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren who have their own lives.  Now, […]

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