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OMG, my soulmate

Okay, now you have been seeing the same person for a few months. He might be the funniest, brightest and easiest person to be with. You might possibly think this is what you have been searching for. You may find yourself with the same political beliefs, religious beliefs, and financial outlook. This is exactly what […]

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The end

Something attracted you to the person you are about to break up with and it is good to keep that in mind when considering a move to end your relationship. Explaining your reasons for ending the relationship should be balanced with a few positives to be respectful of the other person’s feelings. You do not […]

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Airing your “baggage”

Everyone has a history of past relationships and issues they have confronted in their lives. How and when you choose to share this information with your partner should be considered. Timing, volume, and frequency with which you share this information is important. We are all curious to learn about this new person in our life […]

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“Must haves”

When I first decided to venture out into the world of dating I had no idea what I wanted in a relationship. I gave more thought to what I was going to wear on the date or where we were dining.  Now that I am in this second year of dating,  I am definitely more […]

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Religious differences

Let me just start this off by saying that I respect everyone’s beliefs. I have friends of all faiths as well as friends without faith. Many of my friends consider themselves “spiritual but not religious”.  I am accepting of all of this, but I cannot tolerate it when someone forces their beliefs on to me. […]

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The “overlap”

All of us that have been on dating websites know the overlap. You have just posted your profile…your best photos (the one’s that make you look really thin) ,  and then you wait for the anticipated results. The dreaded winks start coming in right away, a couple of flirts and then finally the emails. By […]

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Is it possible to remain friends?

I would hope so, but in reality, I’m not sure if it’s possible. After a relationship ends, when is the right time to try to be friends? Is there a waiting period to try to sort out your feelings? What if one person finds someone and the other is still struggling? I would hope that […]

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Does she ration her passion?

In a committed relationship it is normal to become intimate. What do you do if the frequency of intimate encounters is too much or too little? The ideal situation is for both parties to be simpatico and for the most part it works itself out. The real trouble begins when there are great disparities in […]

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Can Democrats and Republicans get along?

Dating partners of opposite political parties can work if each person is either disinterested in politics or has moderate views. On the other hand, if both are political junkies and are extreme Liberals and Conservatives the relationship probably will not survive. As an on line dater I have found that it is better to explore […]

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