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“Must haves”

When I first decided to venture out into the world of dating I had no idea what I wanted in a relationship. I gave more thought to what I was going to wear on the date or where we were dining.  Now that I am in this second year of dating,  I am definitely more […]

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Religious differences

Let me just start this off by saying that I respect everyone’s beliefs. I have friends of all faiths as well as friends without faith. Many of my friends consider themselves “spiritual but not religious”.  I am accepting of all of this, but I cannot tolerate it when someone forces their beliefs on to me. […]

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Blending families

This is probably the most tricky of all! Most of us adore our families, in fact I am always suspect of anyone who does not. Unfortunately, we may view our own families with rose colored glasses ….and sometimes  even blinders! I have been blessed with three incredible brothers, a wonderful mother and stepfather, an amazing […]

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As we age it is common to have difficulty sleeping. While we can agree that when we refer to “sleeping” together we are often talking about sex, there are also times when we actually need to get some shut eye. What if you and your partner do not agree on the best way to ensure […]

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